Our Competence

Our ability to see in the graph

Four partners who have a combined experience of over 60 years are constantly looking for companies with high growth potential and creating the best returns with bold investments and aggressive value adding support strategies.

Formed funds worth 200 billion KRW
Seed-stage investment ratio of 84%.
Youth venture investment ratio of 74%
Follow-up investment ratio of 38%
Follow-up investment inducement effect worth of 422.4 billion KRW

Why We Are Different

Early Stage

We focus on finding seedlings that can grow into giant trees. Our early stage investment ratio is 84% of the total investment portfolio. With this strategy,We help companies with a solid base for growth to succeed in their follow-up investments for more growth by leadingtheir series B, C investments.

Quick Decision

We are an LLC-type investment company and all four of our partners are the shareholders of the company and at the same time key fund managers. As all the partners have responsibilities and authority of their own, they can execute early stage investmentsfaster than any other VC, which often requires audacity and risk taking.

No.1 Record

Currently, we are operating a total of KRW 200 billion with 6 investment associations and the first fund which is under liquidation is expected to be the most successful fund in the history of Korea venture investment, expecting more than KRW 1 trillion which is 20 times the amount of KRW 50 billion.

Best Awards

We were selected as the “Best Execution House” by Korea Venture Capital Grand Prize due to our enthusiastic and active investment activities and awarded the “Best Fund” in 2018 in acknowledgement of our contribution to creating a virtuous circle of investment resource through our fist fund’s outstanding performance. Also, in 2019, we received the “Best Investment House” award from Korea Venture Capital Grand Prize, growing day by day as the best venture capital firm in the industry.